Prep Sheets

Scanning prep sheets can be a godsend if used correctly. Inserting them into your scan project yourself ensures that the digital files will begin and end exactly where you want them to, and can be an effective way to cut scanning costs. See our helpful descriptions and tips below.

  • Consider printing your prep sheets on colored paper (i.e. pastel) to easily locate and remove them after scanning has been completed. AVOID DARK COLORS. DO NOT USE ANY SHADE OF RED. The lenses on the scanners read red as solid black thus voiding the command to make a new document.

  • Do not make photocopies of prep sheets. Each time a document is copied there is a slight loss of quality. Making copies of a printed prep sheet can blur the crisp lines that are necessary to have your prep sheets work correctly and may render them useless. Therefore, ONLY print prep sheets from the .PDF files below. (DO NOT MAKE PHOTOCOPIES)

Multi Page Prep Sheet

sb-orderform Multi-page document breaks start a new file wherever they are placed. The scanning software will continue to add following pages to that same file until it reaches the next prep sheet (either another multi-page prep sheet or single page prep sheet) which tells it to start a new file



Single Page Prep Sheet

la-orderform Singe page document breaks make each scanned page, following the prep sheet, its own file. This is useful if you have several single pages in a row that each require their own file, as you only have to insert one sheet at the beginning of the single pages. The scanner will continue this process until it reaches a multi-page prep sheet.



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